Control your anger

Even the most phlegmatic persons from time to time get angry to the point that we are convinced that we will explode if we do not release the accumulated anger. Many people have a serious problem because they cannot possibly refrain from this emotional discharge

Chronic anger also draws a large amount of energy, reduced concentration, increases stress and leads to depression. One should know that anger is a completely natural feeling which should not be suppressed and ignored, but learn how to express it at the acceptable and non-aggressive way.

People react differently in anger and some just cannot refrain from dramatic emotional eruptions such as screaming, insulting, to breaking things or different similar procedure for which they usually regret.

If you see yourself as a person who has trouble controlling anger, you should know that your problem has a cure.

Anger can be overcome – be aware that you’re not alone because there is a lot of people that faced this problem, but with time they learned to control it. So there is no reason that you cannot master to control it.

Step away

The first step, when you get angry and feel that is closer to the eruption of anger, is to move away from a situation that angers you. Some might find sufficient just to move away mentally, and count to 10, 20, 100 … Others, however, have to physically leave their place where their anger has started, take a walk, go into other room, balcony or bathroom to cool down the heads. You can also try slow and deep breathing and relaxing the jaw which automatically tightens when we angry.

A useful tip is to stay away from situation that made you angry, just enough until you calm down or until you are sure that you will keep your behavior under control.

Be active

Negative emotions that you struggle with can be resolved with the help of physical activity (running, gym, skating, cycling …), or other relaxing methods (yoga, Pilates, meditation). You can write a diary of what triggers you, take any musical instrument that is near you and play, and listen to music, dance … Instead of punching, yelling and throwing things, it is much better to extract the excessive rage in the pool or on the boxing bag. Namely, any aerobic activity calms tension and reduces stress levels.

Discover the reason

Try to discover what brings you to madness. In fact, for most people there are certain things on which they will react violently, so it is a good idea to find out what annoys you the most. It is best then to avoid such a situations (or person) if it can or, when this is not possible, be aware of what is happening to you and you do that you must not to get upset.

This way you will be able to control at least one aspect of your life.