Flat ironing your hair – What you need to know

If you have washed your hair all that is left is to make the hairstyle. If you decided to come out with straight, ironed hair, then the flat hair iron is your best friend and ally. If you do not know how to properly iron you hair, here are some tips.

Many women are making a large numbers of errors without even being aware of it. These errors occur most due to negligence, haste and lack of knowledge about ways to iron works. Unfortunately the instructions included in the box actually end up in the trash unread. The instructions are there for a reason, and it would be good to study them.

It is good to know that improper use iron is damaging your beautiful hair, after which it will be difficult to recover. How many times happened that you did not want to wait for the hair to dry completely, or did not pay attention to what you are taking a lock of hair?

Dry your hair

The first and most common mistake that women make is to iron their hair while it is still wet. If you want to preserve the health of your hair, then you will thoroughly dried hair before ironing it. Before the ironing, the hair must be 100% dry. Optimal would be to wait at least 5 minutes after you have dried your hair.

Use hair spray

Before you start to use the iron, make sure to spray the hair with a hair spray to create a thin layer of protection. Many women forget about this little detail and so run the risk of problems that may arise later.

Avoid max. temperature

Avoid placing the maximum temperature, especially if you have colored hair. The temperature is best set at 180 degrees. Higher temperature does not mean that you will faster or better iron your hair. Never iron descend straight down. Rather turn the C-shaped as you go towards the peaks.

High quality iron

When buying new iron, make sure that you choose a quality product. You do not have to spend a lot of money and buy expensive professional equipment, but you can always choose something in between. If you are unsure, ask your hair stylist to recommend you a good hair iron.