Crayon wall art

, Crayon wall art

If you are bored with all the conventional paintings on your wall, and you want to make something that will be maybe a bit abstract, but yet, interesting and you are not sure if you will know how to do this because you are not really, what they would call, an artist, try this simple trick.

All you need is

  • Canvas
  • strong glue
  • Hairdryer
  • Crayon
  • piece of cloth or newspaper

Step 1: Make sure all the materials you need are by your hand. To begin, obtain the necessary materials. As mentioned, you will need a canvas, the size of which depends solely on your choice, crayons in colors of your choice, liquid glue and hair dryer. You’ll also need an old piece of clothing or an old towel to put under canvases, just to make the process neater.

Step 2: Sort the crayons as you like of choice. You can sort the crayons from lightest to darkest shades or that you have already imagined. Sorting the crayons depends entirely on you and your creativity. We suggest one of the most popular ways of sorting the crayons – sort of crayons in the colors of the rainbow. You can also place the shades of the same color to line up together. Have fun.

Step 3: When you sort the crayons the way you like, place them on the canvas. Place the crayons upside down, bearing in mind that the top of crayons should be oriented downwards. Of course, you need to attach them to the canvas – glue every single crayon with liquid adhesive and attach them to the canvas.

Step 4: Lean the canvas on the wall.

Step 5: Take a hair dryer and “dry” crayons. It is important to emphasize that this step has to be done while the canvas is leaned against the wall. This is the best way be aiming hairdryer heat on the tops of pencils, so the wax begins to melt and drip down the canvas. It is important to put an old towel or an old piece of clothing, or newspaper under the canvas.

Step 6: When you’re done with “drying” crayons and have achieved the desired result, leave the canvas to dry.

That’s it. You’ve done a little work of art, which you can attach to the wall, to show friends and present your creativity.

, Crayon wall art
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, Crayon wall art
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