How to gain weight

, How to gain weight

To some, this may come to be a surprise, but the gaining weight process usually takes as much effort and hard work as losing weight does. If you are in one of those groups that want to gain weight, here are some advices that might help you in your process.

Increase intake of calories

To gain weight, you have to enter in your body more calories than your body can burn. This, of course, does not mean you need to eat all you can get your hands in unlimited quantities. 6 meals a day is a good start; breakfast, lunch, dinner and three smaller meals at regular intervals. Arrange them so that you eat every two and a half to three hours.

Include in your daily diet meat steaks, chicken, fruits, milk, vegetables and cheese. Consume fresh fruits, at least two glasses of milk a day, but do not take milk that contains a lot of fat. Plan your diet and follow it. A proper diet is essential for obtaining the weight.


As states, a proper diet is crucial for weight gain, but it takes more than that to get the desired results. If you increase calorie intake, and not do the exercise, the food you eat will be converted into fat, rather than muscles. This, I’m sure, you do not want. Exercise is recommended at least three to four times a week. Do not forget to relax the muscles after each exercise.


Try weighting at the end of each week. With this regime, you will get the much desired weight. However, do not expect miracles. Remember that it is not healthy gaining weight more than two pounds a week. If you continue to receive more weight than this, then the extra calories that you have entered in the body are converted into fat, not the muscle. Patience is a virtue. It is desirable to get some weight around a kilo a week, which means, about three pounds per month. When you notice that you have stopped getting fat for two weeks, increase your daily caloric intake – enter in your body extra 250 calories a day. Every time you notice that two weeks did not get an ounce, enter in your body an additional 250 calories.

Loose the unhealthy fat

Avoid inserting any unhealthy fat into your organism. Gaining few extra weight does not imply being fat.  Try avoiding consuming foods and drinks that contain unhealthy fats, such are cakes, crisps and sweets. Do not go overboard with the burgers and avoid fried foods. Also, avoid carbonated beverages and do not overdo it with alcohol. Consume tuna, chicken breast, turkey, fruits and vegetables. Consuming these foods you can get some extra pounds, but not unwanted fat.

Drink water

Drink at least two liters of water daily. I know it sounds a lot, but, believe it or not, water is the one that will provide you the energy required for obtaining extra pounds. Dehydration can lead to a number of health problems.

Sleep regularly

Get enough sleep and sleep regularly. The normal adult sleep is eight hours day for adults. Nowadays, many of us neglect the importance of sleep and overcrowded schedule often forces us to sleep much less than is needed. Your body needs a proper and regular sleep to function normally.

Count calories

Daily count the calories that you have entered in your body. This does not mean that you have to change your diet – eat as much food as normally and count the amount of calories you entered. It is essential that you try to count the amount of calories. Then weigh yourself.

, How to gain weight
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, How to gain weight
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