Detoxification after holidays

It is holiday’s time, and the essence of this time is bliss and enjoyment. Since you are too busy with enjoying your family and your food, you are probably not concerned too much about what effect do all the delicious food have on your organism.

Entering all the excessive calories may not be on the list of the things that concern you at the moment, but regardless of that, you are still going to face your holiday eating decision. Since the holiday season is now coming to end, it is time to wake up, and smell the roses. Any physical activity is more than desirable.

In the process of cleaning toxins from your body, the organs that are primarily involved are kidneys, liver and intestines, so they occasionally need to afford recovery. But detoxification is good for mental health as well because it reduces anxiety and consequences of excessive stress. Symptoms of excess toxins in the body can be a headache, skin problems, bad breath and body odor, Candida, listlessness, poor memory, abdominal bloating and gas, indigestion, weight gain or excessive weight loss, constipation, premature aging and various diseases.
Detoxification is very welcomed. The basic principles of any detox diets that diet should be based on simply prepared food, from raw fruits and vegetables; juices from fresh grated or mashed fruits and vegetables, warm vegetable soups, steamed vegetables or water or braised short on a little unrefined oil. Sprinkle the salad with lemon juice and olive oil, avoid salt, pepper and other strong spices, and do use medicinal herbs. During detoxification it is necessary to enter about three liters of fluid the day, weather it is in form of soups, juices, teas and clean water.

For teas are recommended nettle, birch and dandelion. Herbal teas have been used in long time for treating, cleaning and improving the performance of the organism. Thistle is excellent for the liver, burdock root gently cleanses the liver and blood, Curly Dock improves nutrient absorption, dandelion cleanses the skin and has diuretic properties, red root stimulates the lymph nodes, ginger improves circulation and digestion, smooth elm bark regulate PH. If you’re thinking about cleaning the body, do not forget the sauna, which is simple, inexpensive and enjoyable way to clean your body from toxins. Sauna helps release stress, purifies and rejuvenates the skin and the whole body, improves circulation, is effective in weight loss, stimulates the removal of toxins from the body, improves the elasticity of the arteries, helps with high blood pressure, heart disease and blood vessels, arthritis, allergies and skin diseases.