DIY layered hairstyle

, DIY layered hairstyle

This type of haircut is always in and it suits almost everyone, regardless of whether you have short, long, straight or curly hair.

Except that it can be adapted to any shape of face, some of the benefits of the layered haircuts are that this haircut itself looks very modern, it is easy to maintain and does not require much effort.

When cutting your own hair, make sure to do this while the hair is wet, taking into account that it will look shorter once the hair is dry. Do not attempt at home by cutting to shape a brand new hairstyle.

The process of cutting the hair

Step 1: Divide the entire hair into five parts. Trim the hair on the back of the head to the desired length (usually to the length to the beard), and the cut the side slightly shorter than the center in order to obtain the shape of the letter V.

Step 2: Take the bottom layer of hair from 25 mm to the side at the back of the head. Let the hair to fall down, and then take a small vertical beam, including a bit of hair from the nape of the neck, between the forefinger and middle finger facing down.

Step 3:  Hold a strand away from the scalp and cut upwards. Cut to the same length as the hair at the nape. Continue in the same manner alternately cutting the locks on both sides.

Step 4:  Hold the next layer of the hair of 25 mm at the back of the head. First, cut it horizontally, holding it between the horizontally placed index finger and middle finger so that it is slightly shorter than the lower layer. Then remove the strands between the forefinger and middle finger facing down and trim them to the same length. Repeat the process until all the hair at the back of the head is cut.

Step 5:  Take about 25 mm of the hair from one of the front parts, keep it between the horizontally placed index finger and middle finger and cut to the desired length. Continue to cut hair layers of 25 mm at the front parts in the same way as the rear piece, first horizontally to be slightly shorter than the first layer, and then vertically. Cut the hair on the top of the layers of 25 mm, dragging them down and keeping them between the horizontally placed fingers. Determine the length of the first of layer to be at the size of the eyebrows (ideally).

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