How to grow strawberries

, How to grow strawberries

In order to enjoy the delicious strawberries during the summer period, the time is right for their planting. Except in the garden, you can grow them in pots, and the best will thrive in slightly acidic soil, protected from wind and direct sun. Before planting it is important to to add mature manure or compost in a ratio of buckets per square meter in the soil in which you are going to grow strawberries. Planted strawberries should be abundantly watered, especially the first few weeks after planting.

When the first fruits begin to form, plantations must be protected from slugs and under plants cram straw that fruits should not lying on the ground and rotting. So make sure to support the branches. During the second half of summer from the mother plant will grow stems. At each plant select four strongest stems and attach it to the ground with pieces of bent wire. Remove the outer tip of each fixed stems, but do not cut the part which the new plant is connected to the parent plant. Do this only after four to six weeks.

Gently pull the young plant to ensure that you let the roots. When the young plant well entrenched, disconnect it from the mother plant and transplanted to a permanent patch.

Little tricks

• You will have more beautiful fruits if the first year of flowering, you tear off the strawberry flowers

• Strawberry cropping decreases in time, so the seedlings should be replaced with new ones every five years

• Strawberries can be protected in a way that you cover the soil with black plastic wrap

• The basis of the plants must be above the ground because they will otherwise rot

Reproduction of wild strawberries

The seeds of tiny wild strawberries, that are the healthiest, should be taken from unpicked and dried strawberry fruit. Leave a few fruits to dry completely, as they will have no trouble getting the seeds. Dry fruit remains to keep the stem.

What to cultivate by strawberries

Borage planted with strawberry improves nutrient content in the soil. Also they should be planted with bushy beans, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, onions, garlic, lettuce, low beans, parsley, leeks, radicchio, radish, beets, cabbages…

They can be planted all year round

Container strawberry seedlings can be transplanted at any time of the year, with condition that the weather conditions are favorable. Make sure to water them abundantly. Dig a pit that is large enough to fit the entire fruit root system. Remove plants from pots and plant immediately.

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