, DIY ripped jeans

Lately we see that trendy world revolves around the comfort and casualness. As a result, we now can almost everywhere see torn jeans.

Everybody who wants to be trendy owns a pair of these jeans in their closet. These jeans are suitable for every situation, for simply going to supermarket up to showing with them in high class event.

If you have a pair of jeans that you would like to “jeopardize”, you can also have your own torn jeans.  All you need is to reach for 3 items and prepare yourself to be trendy. You will need:

– Jeans,

– Scissors,

– Tweezers

  • Mark on the jeans the place of your knees. Fold the jeans as if you were ironing them and making the line that goes on the middle of the legging. Once you have folded them, make the incision on the place you have marked. Make sure to make the cut by the right corner.
  • Make another somewhat smaller incision slightly above the first cut.
  • Take the tweezers and gently pull out the blue threads between short and long cut, so that there are only the light threads remaining in the area between the two incisions.
  • Mess up the cuts you have made in order to lose the sharpness and end up with the ”slack” image


  • Before you tear the jeans partly or completely, you can make the process easier by dipping the area you want to tear in bleach.
  • Make sure to decide in advance which parts of the jeans you want to rip, and while ripping it; do follow the flow of the threads.
  • Gently scrape the surface of threads vertically and horizontally, depending whether you want to see the fringes
  • You can also use a razor blade, a thin knife or the scissors, or even scrubbing brush to make the “worn” effect more complete.

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