Essential oils vs. menstrual problems

, Essential oils vs. menstrual problems

Essential oils vs. menstrual problems

Instead of reaching for synthetic drugs to relieve menstrual cramps, you can reach for the wealth of natural resources. You will avoid unnecessary poisoning synthetic preparations and their side effects, and relieve your painful menstrual problem at the same time. Sounds too good to be true? But it is not.

Aromatherapy perceives the human body as a whole. For the health of the body is necessary to nurture the spirit and health, and vice versa. If you’re unhappy with yourself and your life or if you are under severe stressed, aromatherapy will hardly bring any  long-term help.

Women are much more likely to tend to dissatisfaction with their body (appearance) than men. Those who live in happy harmony with yourself rarely have health problems, especially those problems that are typical for women – menstrual cramps, irregular menstruation, menstrual headache…

Essential oils work on all three levels of women’s health: physical, emotional and mental. the essential oils that have the greatest impact on these problems are

  • Tee tree,
  • thyme
  • rosewood
  • sage
  • patchouli
  • jasmine
  • cypress
  • sandalwood
  • rose

In addition, it is good to have a base oils St. John’s Wort and / or sesame.

Menstrual pain and irregular cycles

choose up to three species Between the essential oils of clary sage, rosemary, sage, marjoram, cypress, basil and immortelle and drizzle to 50 drops in 100 ml of base oil (sesame oil or St. John’s wort) and make warm compresses to put on the stomach and lower back. you can repeat the process every day (a few days), before going to sleep.

Heavy bleeding

Mix 50 ml of base oil such as sesame, St. John’s wort or apricots with 10 drops of immortelle and 10 drops of geranium and apply to the abdomen and rump. As the oils are mixed with base oil, you do not have to fear from patches on the skin.

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