Organize your garage

, Organize your garage

If you have a garage, the chances are that you have noticed more than a few times that it serves as disposal room for almost everything that is unnecessary, that is no longer needed in your home- This means that every garage eventually becomes the room for everything except for its primary function, which is to park your car. Here’s how you can organize your garage to be as functional as possible, and still for your vehicle.

Cleaning up the mess

Organizing your garage can seem like a terrifying job that will certainly take away a certain period of time, a couple of days, but once you get started with the process of cleaning and sorting unnecessary things, there is no more stopping. The best of what will happen along with gaining more free space is that you will start to come up with many ideas and you will be pleased you get to grips with your garage. In this article you can learn how to finish the job and make the garage organizing fast, economical and easy.


The first step in the process is to organize the garage in way to get started with the classification of each object that is present in the garage. Take out every little nail and bolt, every piece of paper, every tool, every can, paint and all the other ‘stuff’ that lie in the garage and have absolutely no function and role in this area. Empty every shelf, every closet, every drawer. Check out all the numerous bags and boxes that are in the garage. Once you have checked all, start with the process of sorting. Check the parts for tools, hardware, paint, vehicle parts, equipment for gardening and various other items. Parts may vary depending on the type of things that you have in the garage.

Keep only the necessary things

After you are finished with the process of sorting that you have definitely took quite some time, take a break and relax both the body and head as you draw strength and enthusiasm for the next stage in organizing your garage. Now you go to stage where you need to determine what to keep and for all the objects to find suitable place to fit. Some boxes mark as garbage, an in those boxes throw things that you know that you will no longer need. Be strict to yourself and do not give up because not all the things and objects have the sentimental value and therefore be decisive in resolving things you no longer need. And you do not have to throw them, you can always recycle , share an association and thus help yourself and others at the same time.


When you’ve done the previous points, most of the work can be considered completed. Feel free to again take a break to think about the next steps, and not to force it, because it’s not always easy, of course, it all depends how you organized or rather disorganized in this case!

For storage, you have built some hidden closets or you can build a strong floor for your car. Keep all tools and pipes hanging on hooks on the wall to save space, as you can do with a bike? If you do not have cabinets, you can build at least some shelves that can store things in place that are scattered around. Keep heavy items on lower shelves. Mark label or shelves, cabinets and drawers to what they contain as you know exactly where everything is, this will make it easier the next time while you’re looking for something.


It is also the last step that you can do with organizing your garage or some repairs if necessary. Surely you have things that you put down for the sale, you do not need and are well preserved and it is always a good way to get rid of unnecessary things and make some money. You can sell online or in your backyard or the garage which is fun and interesting for the neighborhood and for you alone.  You can read on How To Organize a Garage Sale on our site. Of course it does not hurt to share some of the things organizations which will come in handy or individuals who can help.

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