Facebook at Work app

Although the Facebook is nightmare for most of the employers while it reduces the productivity of workers, soon the tides could urn ant the employers might use Facebook in their favor, while Facebook could significantly facilitate the communication in the workplace

In fact, Facebook has launched a new application called “Facebook at Work” , which should provide an alternative method of communication in addition to e-mail and intranet system which is used by many companies.

After several months of rumors and anticipation, Facebook has finally officially launched a pilot version of its social network called “Facebook at Work”.

This new Facebook feature presents direct threat for LinkedIn, the most popular social network based on business contacts. The move is a challenge for LinkedIn, a social business network which recently announced that it plans to put into operation new applications that help people who work together in sharing information.

This service that allows companies to create their own small social networks to which the employees of interconnect. “Facebook at Work” is available for now only to limited number of partner companies over the web, in the form of apps for iOS and Android. The application is currently only available in a limited beta version and works in a way that the employer sends an invitation to employee to apply to the app. The users of the new service will be able to create a business profile, but will also have the option of linking with existing Facebook account.

This application will give users access to the platform through which they can communicate with each other, and from the company’s Facebook guarantee that this type of communication is completely safe and does not impinge on the privacy of users in any way.

The great advantage of the business version of Facebook is the ability of users to organize their News Feed according to information from the business world that are most relevant to their work. Business profile version looks similar to a private profile, and works colleagues can create special groups and in has the option of becoming a faster and easier way to create and share documents with each other.

As the biggest advantage of this application Facebook emphasizes the fact that users are already familiar with the appearance and functioning of Facebook, so that they will not need much time to get used to using the commercial version, as would be the case with a completely new application.