Microsoft HoloLens – sci-fi in action

A few days ago, Microsoft issued the biggest surprise after the Windows 10, a project HoloLens, which that resembles a sci-fi movies with its impressive „enhanced reality” effect. HoloLens projects images that are “bright, full of color and creates the appearance of solid objects”.

As the world’s first holographic computer platform, Windows 10 includes a set of application programming interface that allows developers to create holographic experience in the real world. With Windows 10, Windows holograms are of universal application and all Windows universal applications can also be holograms – can accommodate three-dimensional holograms in the physical world and enabled new ways of interacting with the environment, creating and monitoring facilities, which are more personal and closer to people.

Microsoft has introduced the most advanced holographic computer in the world. Microsoft HoloLens is the first wireless holographic computer in a form of glasses, which doesn’t have to be connected to the other device with wires, telephones. Microsoft HoloLens has built-in hologram lenses with a high definition through which users can look and the device has integrated surround sound within, so the users can see and hear the holograms in the world around them in real time. HoloLens users can see the real world around them in which are inserted virtual parts, so called HPU projects (Holographic Processing Unit).

Facilities are created in the air, using the apps and gadget seems very simple, and as they say in Microsoft – holograms will soon become practical tools in daily life.

ArsTechnica and Wired have published articles on a short experience with the device and both are full of praise for the latest Microsoft technology, which has for long time successfully kept the gadget in secret.

By entering a three-dimensional hologram in the world around you, Microsoft HoloLens allows a new view of reality that can say what you see and understand what you’re saying hands and voice. By putting you in the center of the computer experience, Microsoft HoloLens permits you to create access to information, enjoy the fun and communicate in new and exciting ways.