What is Tizen and what does first Tizen smartphone has to offer?

, What is Tizen and what does first Tizen smartphone has to offer?

Tizen is a new operating system that works like Android. Tizen’s goal is not to reinvent smartphones. Like Android, it is born from the good old Linux. On the surface even looks like the software you may already use on a phone. Especially if you use your phone with TouchWiz user interface. However, Tizen is supposed to be even better as it saves battery.

As with Android, Tizen performs things with the help of applications. Instead of trying to get people to start making new applications for it, Tizen is based on the HTML5 web applications. This means that it is very easy to do something that is working on Tizen, and everything else at the same time. However, the downside of HTML5 is that it is rather slow.

The main reason behind the fact that Tizen looks like Android is that it tries to steal users who use Google’s operating system. Two large investors in Tizen are Samsung – who makes huge profits selling Android smartphones, but would like the freedom to not have to rely on Google – and Intel, whose chips are excellent when it comes to Windows, but not so good with Android.

The base of the Tizen OS is made from traditional home screen comprising a network of icons that can scroll.

Tizen has a standard option for notification that contains all notifications (like Android and more recently the iPhone), but also some allowances to which we are already accustomed with Samsung devices.

The look of the new OS resembles the standard look of the Android 2.2, with several modern graphic supplements.

Even thought the Tizen idea is not new, and the idea was born in 2012, the first smart device with this OS has come out this year by- Samsung. The first Tizen OS smartphone is called Samsung Z1.

The device will sell for $90. Characteristics are not impressive, neither is the price.

Samsung Z1 device has a 4-inch WVGA 800 x 480 pixels(233 ppi) display, 1.2GHz processor, 3.1-megapixel camera (and VGA front camera), 768 MB RAM, 4GB of internal memory expandable via microSD card and 1500mAh battery that can endure up to impressive eight hours.

The device has a dual-SIM support, and Z1 is available in white, black and red. Reliance Communications and Aircel customers Z1 models will donate 500 MB for surfing in the first half of the year.

It will be interesting to see how this model go Tizen in emerging markets, and if everything goes OK, it is possible that Samsung take some serious action on the low-end models. More and more manufacturers are turning in emerging markets and offering its low-end models.

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