Foods for muscle building

, Foods for muscle building

If you want to build muscles in your body, you should know that merely exercising will not be enough. To build muscles and increase the results of training, you need a healthy diet and eat more foods that help build muscle mass.


One of the healthiest ingredients that provide a large amount of carbohydrates, protein and dietary fiber is quinoa. Quinoa is a food that contains the rare sources of essential amino acids, and it is best to consume after a workout.

Fasting cheese

Fasting cheese is the best protein breakfast, which you can combine with pastries or cereal. Fasting cheese dairy provides protein and is an excellent source of casein.


If you want to build your muscles, your diet should consist of eggs, because one egg contains 13 grams of protein. If you do not eat meat, eggs are an excellent source of protein for you. And for people on the move, the best options are hard-boiled eggs.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit is not rich in protein, but is an excellent choice before training, because it provides the necessary carbohydrates, the body to withstand intense training. Dried fruit can be eaten after a workout, because it can rebuild glycogen stores, which are located in the muscles.


If you want to get the muscle mass, eat as many almonds because they have a slight effect on cholesterol levels and are an excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids. If during the day, you skip a meal, eat two handfuls of almonds and you’ll make up all the fats, carbohydrates and proteins, which are the main growth of muscle mass.

Try to eat the above mentioned foods as much as possible and to make them integral part of your menu, something that you will consume on a daily basis. Do not forget that for a good and healthy body is not enough just to exercise. A healthy diet must be achieved and the above mentioned foods will help you to achieve the desired results as soon as possible.

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