Decorating the small bathrooms

, Decorating the small bathrooms

With good organization, even the small bathroom can be beautiful and functional.

In order to make the bathroom visually look bigger, it is essential to avoid dark colors. Floor and wall coverings (usually tiles) should be colored in soft and bright shades that will give the bathroom an airy, fresh and visually larger illusion.

The dark colors should be avoided, but if you do want some darker colors, they should be in discrete, small details, optionally on the floor of the bathroom.

If you have small bathroom, do not place in it the items you do not need in the bathroom. Leave the bathroom only for the items that you must have in the bathroom.  For example, washing machine does not have to be in the bathroom, cleaners also, extra towels and the like.

Showering is healthier; reduces the consumption of water and shower cabins are smaller, thus take less space than big bathtubs. But lovers of the tubs do not necessarily have to give up bath tubs due to the lack of squares in the bathroom. The space that the tubs occupy can be compensated by smaller cabinets, smaller sink, etc. The compromise between the tub and shower are so called shower-tubs that are deep enough to be filled with water. For small bathrooms, the best choices are showers that are almost aligned with the floor tiles and a cabin made of transparent glass, which makes the illusion of light and airy bathroom.

It is necessary to pay attention to the minimum distances between the sinks, toilets, bathtubs or shower stalls and other elements in the space of the bathroom so that using of the bathroom san be easier.

Instead of closed cabinets, open shelves are better solution for small bathrooms. The reason for this is the bigger humidity in the smaller bathroom, and open shelves do not gather humidity, thus are lot smaller chances of forming fungus inside the shelves. But if you do decide to have the closed cabinets, you might consider selecting those with doors made of glass or mirrors.

Choice of mirrors for bathrooms is also large. Mirror can visually increases the bathrooms, especially if it is located at a central point or along the entire wall above the sink. It is recommended to avoid a small mirror with a pronounced frame.

The wall of glass bricks is an excellent choice because it allows more light and also contributes to an increase in visual bathrooms.

Lighting is also very important. Increased amount of light contributes to the perception of spaciousness and lighting contributes significantly to the attractiveness of the bathroom.

, Decorating the small bathrooms
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, Decorating the small bathrooms
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