How to survive hangover

It is the first day of the New Year and you now realize that you have gone maybe just a little too far with the drinking last night. The fact is that we’ve all been in that situation, one or more times, so each of us has a trick up his sleeve or some gold valuable advice when it comes to hangovers. To resolve this as quickly as possible, try following our advices and maybe you have solved your little problem for good.


When you have had a large amount of alcohol, your body is fighting against itself and trying to recover from your decision. Stories of “take a hair of the dog that bit you” in this case do not apply. Drink plenty of water, and if possible, before going to sleep drunk also try having a glass of water or two. You could also try taking bitters with ice with lemon along with glass of water just before you leave the bar.


Nothing will recover your organism from your hangover like extra sleep. If you want to be fully functional the next working day, you should try resting and sleeping as much as possible. Allow your body to recover sufficiently. Make sure you do not sleep too long, because you are creating bad habits that will only make you more tired.

Nutritious meal

The most famous and best choice for breakfast, which will quickly come back to life, is definitely rich omelet with a few tomatoes. In addition to being an excellent choice of protein, eggs very quickly decomposed and can quickly revitalize your organism. Add a bit of ham and cheese on top, do not go overboard with salting and accompany all that with freshly squeezed juice. Certainly do not overdo with food, not to make the opposite effect and found and make things even worse


Physical activity

Bear in mind that any sports activity does indeed help. Although it will not be easy, sweating will recover your organism in no time. If you are not in the mood for sports, you can replace sports with sex. This will sweat, exercise, cheer and revitalize you in a manner that no sport can do.


Sauna is a quality replacement for profuse sweating. Sauna is more effective if it is accompanied by the scent of eucalyptus or someone better essential oils that will help open the pores and burn all the negative particles in the lungs. In case you have never used the sauna, be careful when entering in it, so your pressure does not dropped too quickly, and you may find yourself unconscious and naked on the cold tiles.


Ibuprofen and vitamin C will definitely relax you and boost up recovery in several hours. Other remedies like fish oil can leave an awful taste in the mouth, and aspirin will accelerate blood circulation in the brain. Some people start of their drinking rituals with drugs and pills for the prevention of hangover. This is a quite neat trick, for little dose of vitamins B and C before starting to drink will not hurt, but if they reduce the possibility of a hangover, they are worth of trying.


Forget about huge amounts of coffee. If otherwise you cannot function properly without a morning coffee, be sure to drink your favorite drink in a small cup but do not overdo it. You are better off sleeping than to try to keep awake by force with inserting caffeine into your organism. Caffeine pills can be of more use. Try replacing coffee with tea and water. Lemon and sugar are very welcome. Also, do not go overboard with Coca-Cola.

Take a long bath

Take a break and treat yourself with a long hot shower with a little music and dancing or a quiet bath for half an hour with some smelling salts.