Glass bottle picture frame

, Glass bottle picture frame

Photos of your loved ones or photos of the places where you spend a pleasant moment’s do not necessarily have to be in the frameworks or album. You can simply make them unique as are your memories.
With a little effort and creativity, you can turn ordinary glass bottles into interesting “holders” of memories.
All you need are glass bottles, decorative stones, sand, dried flowers, leaves, colorful pieces of paper, twigs, glue and scissors

The process of making the glass bottle framework is very simple. First gather all the things you are planning to put in the bottle and place them inside the bottle. In order to make your project more interesting, gather different shapes and forms of bottles.
The next step is gently rolling the photo to the outside, meaning that the actual photo is facing outwards while you are rolling it. Roll it to the size which can fit the throat of the bottle.
Put the photo in a bottle and use some long but thin object to spread the photo that is now placed in the bottle.
Once you have adjusted the photo, you may seal the bottle using a cork or a stopper.

To make your bottle framework even more interesting, glue some details on the cork on place some beaded necklaces around the bottle, or whatever your creativity advices you to do.

, Glass bottle picture frame
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, Glass bottle picture frame
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