How to cure sore throat

Sore throat can be very irritating state which can make you genuinely nervous and possibly prevent you from your everyday obligations and duties, or greatly influence the performance of your obligations. It is mostly occurring during the winter season while you are breathing in the cold air, or can be due to viruses. No matter where or how you got it, I am pretty sure you want to cure it as soon as possible. I present you a few of the remedies that can come in handy:

1. Anti inflammatory medicine
The awkward and irritating feeling caused by the sore throat can be cured with a little help of regular anti inflammatory medicines. These medicines will additionally reduce the eventual fever that can be caused due to the sore throat.

2. Salted water
Sip 1 tbs of regular household salt and put it into 4 dl of water. Gargle the throat with that solution as often as possible. Lukewarm salt water can soothe any eventual inflammation and will remove the unpleasant symptoms.

3. Lemon and honey
This combination is a definite hit. The mix of honey and lemon will not only reduce the symptoms, but will without any doubt help curing the shore. Lemon with his disinfecting characteristic and honey with his soothing characteristic will surely help you solve your problem. Put 1 tbs of honey and the juice of half lemon into 1 dl of lukewarm water and stir the solution until honey dissolves in the water, and drink your health potion.

4. Liquid
When your immune system is fighting any viruses, infections or bacteria, the best advice you can get is to drink as many liquids as possible. The best liquids are those that contain as little sugar as possible. That is also the case with sore throat. The best liquids to use in this case are some lukewarm tees or plain water. Avoid drinking milk, aggressive and sour juices like orange or grape that can additionally irritate your throat.

5. Mints
Keep your throat and pharynx moist. In addition to liquids, the best way to keep the throat moist is with a little help of mints. We recommend mints with honey or eucalyptus.

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