Hello – Facebook’s Android Only Social Caller ID App

, Hello – Facebook’s Android Only Social Caller ID App

Facebook has recently introduced Hello, its new Android application created by their Messenger team, which will allow users detailed information about the people who call them. The new application will allow you to find out who is calling you even if you do not have their number in the phone book. Of course, this option will be available only to those contacts and people you already have on Facebook and who have shared with you the necessary information on this social network. Hello is currently only available on Android devices and uses data from Facebook to help discover who is behind the unknown number that is calling you. In essence, this application is an alternative to Android Phone application – to select and dial numbers. In addition, Hello will allow you to block unwanted calls, and options you will be able to include one for the automatic block calls from numbers that are blocked many other users.

You can send messages to contacts using Facebook Messenger, or you can call via VoIP using Messenger for it. Of course, this is possible thanks to the enormous amount of data that Facebook has on people and phone numbers. A photograph that shows the Facebook profile picture of that person, too, is presented and some extra data when receiving a call – for example, when is the birthday of the person who is calling you.

Hello offers automatic blocking of numbers – if a number is blocked by more people, but you can also manually block any number.

Hello application is free of charges, and is available in the Play Store, but it seems that this application is location-limited, so the users’ might not be able to download it, depending on where they are.

Finally, there is the option that allows you to use Facebook search to find the profiles of specific people or businesses, and to call them – if their contact number is publicly available. When it comes to searches, it seems that the focus is on the business related contacts. All you need to do is to type the first few letters of the name, and if the job (the company) has a Facebook page, you will be able to make the call with one click (of course, if there is a number available on their official Facebook page).

The calls are performed as normal calls over the phone as opposed to the call via WhatsApp Messenger or application that uses the Internet or Wi-Fi.

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