How to pack your suitcase

, How to pack your suitcase

Wherever you are planning a trip, either of business personal reasons, there are certain things that you cannot go without. Here’s what you will need in the to-do list for filling suitcases and keep in mind that less is more.

First of all, you need a suitcase or travel bag. It is better to use a travel bag with wheels. This bag will not weigh you down and therefore do not present too much if a burden. With a larger suitcase it would be good to have and one smaller in which you can place little things that will otherwise get lost in all the clothes or potentially spill over your clothes.

When starting to pack, the first thing to do is to pack clothes that do not crease easily. Roll the clothes so that it does not wrinkle too much, and fill holes between clothing items with socks. After that, place in the suitcase the clothes that are more delicate and wrinkle easier.

While choosing the proper clothes to bring, make certain combinations in your head, so you can create multiple combinations with a few garments. In this way, you’ll wear less. Always bring a pair of inevitable jeans – they always come in handy.  In addition to jeans, bring sweatpants or a comfortable piece of clothing in which you can to safely and freely walk. Take something with long sleeves for cold evenings and pajamas. These things roll and place on the bottom of the bag.

If you are planning to bring shoes, it would be a good idea to put them into a plastic bag, so that their bottom doesn’t mess the rest of the clothes. When considering which shoes to wear, bear in mind that one pair should be waterproof and comfortable for long walks, and the other for evening outings. Put the most difficult pair of shoes on the top. The same applies to clothes.

In smaller (cosmetics) suitcase place small items you do not want to shed or lose in the bag. Bear in mind that cosmetics can be purchased at your destination. When shopping for cosmetics or personal hygiene, make sure to buy the ones in small packages.  They will take fewer places in suitcase and will be adequate for a few days.

It is also a good idea to always have a bottle of water and energy bar or a candy bar with you. If you journey lasts long, bring something to kill the time – crossword puzzles, board game or a MP3 player. Take something that you can fold and put under head during the journey or something to wrap yourself if it gets cold.

And, finally, always double-check if you have brought the most important – cell phone, charger, camera, documents and money. Bon voyage!

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