Hendo hoverboard – realization of a film project

So far we have already had the opportunity to see several projects in which innovators and scientists have been working on the hoverboard, flying skateboards what we saw in the popular movie “Back to the Future”.

California startup apparently went furthest of all, and presented hoverboard that really floats and that can carry the load to 150 pounds, with a size of a real skateboard.

The technology of this hoverboard named Hendo is based on an electromagnetic system like MagLev trains, which means that it cannot be used on any surface, but you will be able to levitate above the ground solely of non-ferrous metals such as copper or aluminum.

In addition, the thing that is also missing to this levitating board that would make it ideal  Marty McFly hoverboard is a drive or propulsion system, so while driving, you are left to gravity and your ability to maneuver the body, which it’s not that simple tasks to do.

But Greg Henderson, the inventor of Hendo hoverboard, is not bothered with that fact, but claims that they plan to bring this product to market, and thinks the board could establish a new sport.

In addition, the inventor says that his company has no intention to stop at making skateboards, but their goal is to one day to make a house that could levitate above the ground, which would be ideal for areas prone to frequent earthquakes.