Perfect procrastination

Usually all students are at the end of their studies professionals in one thing- procrastination. During the entire semester you always have time for everything- BUT studying.  There is rarely the right time for the studying, and the perfect timing is a day before the exam. That day is pretty chaotic and includes remorse, panic, stress, and on the other side requires the total concentration for the material. Here are some of the tips that can make the procrastination more effective.

1. Write down a summary of the entire material you need to learn

Just take a piece of paper and write down all units and sections that you are required to know. In this way, you gain a better view of the whole situation and know what you exam or colloquium will be based on.

2. Start with the heaviest material

Once all units are written on a paper sheet, it’s time to choose with which one to start. It is probably the best option to start with the most difficult and / or the biggest lesions and solve them, and all the other units will be much easier to learn and you will feel better when you know that you have passed over the hardest part.

3. Finish the chapter you have started

When you decide on which chapter or unit you want to learn, make sure to finish that unit before going on the other or making a break. Do not just fly over the pages, or learn just some of the lessons. While learning, make sure to learn, not spend precious time on reading the lesions with no effect.

4. Take smaller breaks

It is normal to take breaks while studying; everyone does it and is recommended. The problem of the break arises when, after a longer pause, you need to return to learning. Put an alarm on 15-30 minutes and take a break from learning. In that period do whatever relaxes you. But after the alarm goes on, do return to the obligations.

5. Do not give up

It’s better to just reading than do nothing at all. If you have already signed up exam and you can no longer withdrawn or postpone the exam, even if you cannot learn all, go to the exam. In each case, you will lose the exam term, you can never know what the conditions will be on the exam .Simply learn the last day all you can and do take the exam.

6. Reward yourself

If you are hard to motivate yourself to learn, promise yourself a reward. Consider what would cheer you and thus reward yourself for learning. And remember that good feeling you have when you pass the exam and get the evaluation index that will further motivate you.

If you are reading this and you have an exam or colloquium tomorrow, it is time to leave surfing and start learning. Good luck!