How to apply a lipstick

When it comes to applying make-up, a lot depends on the use of good foundation. So is the case with lipstick. Perfectly applied lipstick requires perfect foundation – nurtured and hydrated lips. Lightly rubbing the lips with moist toothbrush will remove dead cells from the surface of the lips. Then apply lip balm abundant layer and leave it for a minute or two. After that, gently wipe off the excessive lip balm.

The next step is to apply a light coat of concealed the lips; the best one is concealed in brush. The purpose of concealer is to neutralize the color of the lips, in order to have flawless canvas for applying lipstick. Pay special attention to the lip line, in order to create additional contrast roses and facial skin. Fix the concealer with a little powder, by gently dabbing it on the lips.

Fill the lips with a lip liner in a way that you go from the center to the edges. Short lines with lip pen define the edge of the lips and correct their shape if necessary. Although most women want bigger and fuller lips, do not get carried away and draw the line too much beyond the natural edge of the lips.

The secret of perfect and precise application of lipstick is to the use of a lipstick brush. With a narrow brush with hard fibers will make it easier for you to accurately apply lipstick on every part of the lips. With a little practice you will find that applying lipstick brush is far more convenient and faster. Errors and time for their correction will reduce to a minimum, and the result will be flawless. If in your makeup kit you do not have a special brush for lipstick, use a concealer brush or applicator concealer. It is important that the fibers of the lipstick brush are short and strong, with a slightly pointed tip.

When applying lipstick with a brush, as well as with a pencil, start from the middle of the lips. When approaching the angles, make sure to completely fill in the lips. Eventual errors can be corrected with a little help of cotton swabs, and applying concealer over any paint residues. For the matte effect, press the handkerchief to the lips to absorb lipstick and lip checkmated. For additional lip volume and shin, apply a bit of a transparent lip gloss in the middle of the upper and lower lips.

Remember the golden rule: if you put emphasis on the lips, the rest of the makeup should be minimal and discreet. On the eyelids, put some nude shades with a little shimmer. Pull the thin line with eyeliner as closer to the lashes as possible, or all the way out the edge of the eye for dramatic impression and apply mascara only on the upper lashes.