How to avoid divorce and keep your marriage stable

, How to avoid divorce and keep your marriage stable

It does not happen often that you hear engaged couples ask their divorced friends for advice for a successful marriage, but maybe they should first consult those people. After all, they can learn from their mistakes and try to avoid those mistakes.

According to questioner on a Reddit page, here are some of the questions that people that are married (or were married) would ask their partners before marriage if they had the knowledge and experience of marriage they have now. If you are to get married, consider some of the issues mentioned, it might possibly bring you the answers before they become the issue or prevent you from possible unpleasant situations.

Here are some of the most interesting questions:

1. is your partner trying to show you that you are loved and appreciated and how? And how do you do the same for him?

2. Prenuptial agreement: yes or no?

3. Do we have anything other than merely love? Even though love is important, there are other elements that MUST be crucial part of every relationship; such are trust, honesty, respect and forgiveness. Being married is very difficult, especially when you go through difficult times, but if you have all four elements mentioned, not only will you survive, but will be even stronger.

4. Asking delicate questions about the children is very important. Not only the question on how many children would you like to have, , but also what kind of education you want for them and how important it is to both of you, will you raise them in a religious spirit, what principle of education will you use? How will you discipline them, opinion on eventual punishment…?

5. Is your future partner your best friend and the person you respect most in the world? If not, do not marry that person.

6. Are you sure you do not want to get married just because everybody is doing it, and because it’s so much fun?

7. Are you both completely satisfied with your sex life? Is there anything that one of you wants to, and does not get?


8. What will happen if one of us cheats the other?

9. Ask yourself these questions, to be ready:

  1. In the case of an unplanned pregnancy, what would we do?
  2. If someone gets fired or that, what do we do?
  3. In the financial problems, what we would do?
  4. How will your relation be with your parents?

10. Define the relationship with the entire family, and consult your partner to make clear stand on your relationship and do set priorities, making your partner come first.

11. Define marriage, each separately. What exactly do you expect?

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