Natural ways to eliminate limescale

More than 85% of households in the country have so called “hard water”, which means that the tap water, showers, washing machines and other appliances are constantly under the attack of scale. In addition, limestone and other minerals contained in the water can make a real mess and even problems to your household. If you are tired of using chemicals to fight the lime, we bring you some remedies that are much “gentle” for your health and more aggressive to that hardcore lime.


Simply rub the faucets with lemon peel. Then put over them a paper towels which you have previously soaked in vinegar. Remove them after an hour and rinse with tap water and wipe with a dry cloth or paper towels.


Unscrew the shower head and soak it in vinegar. Let it stand for a few hours and then scrub and rinse with water.

Shower stalls door

The shower stall doors will easily be cleaned by using alcohol vinegar. Another way is to clean using white wine. One cup should be enough to do the job.

The dishwasher

Pour 250 milliliters of vinegar in an empty machine and turn it on as if it contains dishes. Of course, it must be empty during the entire washing cycle, and repeat this process at least once a month. The same procedure goes for a washing machine.


Get rid of scale with the help of Coca – Cola. Pour one can of the toilet bowl and let sit for an hour and then rinse (just flush the water). The same effect you get if you pour in the toilet 750 milliliters of vinegar.


Wash your sink with baking soda and rinse with water. If the rest of scale which have solved with the help of baking soda, the respective places sprinkle with vinegar, scrub and rinse with water.