How to be organized – the secret of successfulness

, How to be organized – the secret of successfulness

Good organization makes it much easier to deal with stressful situations at work, obligations and short terms. People who manage their time well are more focused on the tasks and better prepared.

In addition to mental health, organization is crucial for business success. In accordance to their ability to organize we can divide successful and unsuccessful people. The successful ones are, naturally, those whose organizational skills are better. If you are in the group of the people that have not mastered the organizational skill and are fully aware of its advantages, and do have the tendency to enjoy those advantages, we present you some of the basics for achieving those organizational capabilities


Plan your day in advance, whether it’s about early arrival on the job, meeting with clients, maintaining important presentation. In order to put a stop to disorganization at work, you must have a clear sense of the tasks that you need to do during the week or month, and that you cannot fully do them without planning. Planning will help you identify your priorities.


Write down all the tasks you have to do. But have in mind that the list of tasks should consist of no more than five things. Otherwise, you will overload yourself with the obligations that you simply cannot finish in one day time. Arrange tasks by importance and do not give up until you make the most important ones, regardless of the fact weather you like those tasks or not.


Set the realistic time that you need for a particular task. The task will last as long as you give the time for that task. If you only have two hours for a particular job, you can concentrate and finish quickly. However, if you allow, it is very likely that you will linger until the deadline.

Ask for help

People that are obsessed with the control tend to consider that they can do everything on their own, often tend to have difficulties in organizing and simply do not have enough time for all that awaits them during the working day.

When you are cluttered with work, do not hesitate to seek the help of co-workers. If that position allows, give subordinates one part of the tasks, at least those routine tasks that divert your time and attention.

Reduce clutter

Nothing promotes disorganization more than clutter.  The persons that are surrounded by clutter tend to face difficulties with performing their obligations, since their attention is often wandering in the clutter and that keeps business standing. Set the time for cleaning the workplace.


Do not expect that you will become an organized person overnight. The organization is not a talent with which we are born, but a skill that anyone can learn. Give yourself time until you gain basic habits of organization and do not bite if you sometimes fail to do all that is imagined. After all, no one is perfect, not even those super organized.

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