How to protect the child from indoors injuries

Children are very curious by nature, and they are a typical explorer both indoors and outdoors and are interested in almost everything, hence the countless places can be hazardous for them.

The most common causes of injury of children in the home are falls, burns, suffocation and poisoning. In the first months of life, babies are turning from tummy to back and vice versa, and in this constant changing of position, can make they easily roll off the flat surface, so they must be under constant supervision.

A young child should not be left only to the background changing, or in bed without raised security hens. Always place your baby in a safe place while you are doing something, or in bed or on the floor, just not on the table or piece of furniture from which they can roll off and fall.  When you place your child in the chair or lounger, always make sure that it is firmly attached and do not leave your child unattended as it can slip deck chairs.

Security measures

From the moment a child begins to walk, you must protect all areas that could potentially be dangerous. It is necessary to protect all the sharp edges, on furniture, desks, TV stand, and side edges of the bed… Children’s furniture should not have sharp edges. If you have that kind of furniture, make sure to adjust the adequate protection for the child. Make sure to protect all the electrical equipment with available accessories In order to protect your child from electric shock. Protection should be placed on all sockets which the child can access. Children should never be left unattended near the staircases. Make sure to place safety gates on your staircases. Never leave the children from an early age alone in the bathroom, and a smart thing that could potentially save your child in bathroom is a bath mat rubber. Bathroom floor must be dry, and keep the lights turned on, so that your child can see where it’s going during nighttime visits to the bathroom. Also, the smart thing would be to keep all detergents, shampoos, baths and lotions away from children’s reach.

Keep children away from the window

A large number of children end up in hospital with injuries that have occurred after falling from a window.Young children are curious and do not understand the concept of danger, and needless to say, never leave them unattended next to the opened window. Not even for a few seconds. If you have children running around your household, we advise you to keep the windows are closed and locked. You should also ensure that the children do not have access to windows, simply by removing any furniture on which they can climb and reach the window. It is optional, but a good idea to install special protection that disables children to open the window. Make sure the furniture in the children’s room is not near a window.

How to prevent burns

Be careful when you open the oven door, and the child is near, because hot air can burn your child. When cooking, always turn the handles of dishes that are available to you and dishes in which something is cooking, always put in the middle of the stove or the oven, never on the edge. Keep your child away from the hot irons. Watch the grease that scatters in the kitchen. Immediately clean it in order to prevent your child from slipping over them. Remove the extension cords from children’s reach. Keep the heaters and electrical appliances away from bathtubs, showers and sinks.

Prevent the risks of drowning and poisoning

A child should never be left unattended in the bath or the bathroom, nor in the children’s pool. Make sure you do not leave any medication at your children’s reach, rather keep them on top of the cabinet. The same is true for a variety of liquids and sprays, as they will try to reach them out of curiosity, especially in the first months of life when they seem to put in mouth everything in their path. Also remove the little things, such as coins, jewelry, small toys, since those things might be potentially lethal if they swallow them. Be careful while giving small children candies, because they can also be the cause of suffocation. Various ribbons, trimmings, cords can also be dangerous for child, so always make sure that these and other similar smaller objects are kept away from the child, and that they cannot be retrieved.