How to be popular (for girls)

Every girl loves when every man turn to her, to be model to other girls and that everyone loves her. Are you dreaming to be popular? If so, follow these steps and be sure that you will achieve what you want.

Take care of your hygiene. It is quite embarrassing to hang out with someone who looks and smells like it has not bathed in a week. Try to wash your hair at least every other day, and take a shower every day if you can. After showering, lubricate your body skin with milk to make your skin soft and beautiful. Wash your face in the morning and at night before bed. This will help to give you the skin is oily and you do not have acne. Nurture your skin. Always use a face cream, and if you have problem skin, ie. if you have pimples, find a product that will help you to get rid of them. Brush your teeth at least two times a day, morning and before bedtime. Use dental floss and visit the dentist regularly, because it is the most beautiful when someone has a nice smile. I’m sure even you do not like to talk with someone who has a bad smell from the mouth.

Use makeup. If you makeup on for the school, the best would be to use only concealer, blush, mascara and gloss or lip balm. Do not go to school with too much attacking make-up. Surely you do not want to make you all look like a clown. If you go out, then you can use lipstick, shadows etc.

Get dressed nice. You do not have to wear clothes from most famous brands. If you look closely, you can actually find a bunch of cheap clothes, but beautiful and save a lot of money. You do not have to be rich to be beautiful dressed. Even if you are buying in the market, if you have the style of dress will look nice. Try to find your own style and do not copy anybody. Be unique, do not be afraid of that. Make sure that you clothing fits well. Do not mix too many colors, the best would be two, but sometimes it can be three. Wear clothing that fits your body. Never take socks to wear open sandals or the like. You do not have to dress in the latest fashion in order to be popular. Get dressed what do you like and what you feel most comfortable.

Be nice. No one will want to be your friend if you behave arrogantly. Do not be gossip, share compliments to people and be dear. Please act cultural and feminine. Please act so that people will want to spend time with you. Help people when they need it.

Do not be too demanding. It’s boring when your friend sends a message to every  5 min. Try to send the message to your friend once a day, unless it’s an emergency. If they respond to you, then you can feel free to relax in the conversation, and if not, then do not submit messages. Also, if your friends are busy when you want to see them, do not let them bombing of issues where they are going and why.

Be what you are. Do not pretend to be something that you are not. Being a popular means to be yourself.

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