How to be trendy on the ski trails

Since the winter season is here, why not take the full advantage of the season and visit some nearby skiing centers. In addition to making the best of your time, you would have fun, breath fresh air, exercise, and benefit to your general health. Since you have decided to go skiing, it is about time to reconsider your skiing outfit. While you are going to be in the public, it is better to leave good impression and be in trendy even on skiing. We advice you layer clothing, but, but do not overdo it because ski clothes is somewhat ‘bulky’.

The things that you should have for skiing include ski pants, jacket, T-shirt of ‘fleece’, gloves, hat and ski goggles.

How to combine?

The basic characteristics of clothing in the winter period I, as mentioned, wearing layered clothes. The base of your clothes should be thermal underwear over which you can wear a long sleeve shirt or ski turtleneck. Warm ski socks are indispensable, as well as a scarf, hat or helmet. On top of that put on ski-suit, which consists of trousers and jackets.

What materials to wear?

With the advancement of technology and various treatment processes were created materials and fabrics of mixed composition, which contain synthetic fibers. The synthetic fiber materials tend not to crease and are highly water resistant. Therefore, do not be surprised when you see synthetic sports underwear. It absorbs sweat (or prevents sweating) and prevents the wind to reach your skin. It keeps you dry and warm and makes you enjoy your hobby, rather than worry about being wet or cold.

Be colorful!

The colors just might save your life, remember that especially while choosing your skiing outfit. The more vivid the color, the better the visibility on trails. When buying new clothes combine pants or jacket in strong colors. If you have the body curves and do not want to act thick on the ski rails, you can always put some fashion accessories that would distract the attention from your flaws, and still be fully functional. Those accessories might be hats, helmets, sunglasses, scarf…

World trends on the ski trails

According to the world trends, the current hit on ski trail is a combination of various assets. This season it is all about jackets with fur hoods, fur hats, one-colored combinations (choose the color you prefer and arrange your combination with different shades of the same color, creating an ombre effect. And if you prefer the overalls, this season is your time to shine, for overalls are absolute hit this season.