How to buy your car insurance online

car insurance online

If you are buying your first policy, or just looking for a better insurance rate, going online will open a whole new world of car insurance quotes and information about the companies that issue them. 

When it comes to buying your car insurance online, you’ll discover a new level of convenience as you can purchase online at a time and place convenient to you. All within a secure and private environment. You can save your quote and pay your premium using your Visa  or MasterCard, and view your policy and billing details online.

Car insurance online

If you have decided that you will buy your car insurance online, make sure you prepare all the information you need to get an accurate quote. Prepare the info on the model of your car, year, vehicle identification number (VIN) and any anti-theft accessories installed on the car. 

To get lower insurance premiums, it should be useful that you tally up the number of miles you drove this year versus the previous year. You might get a lower quote if you have a significant decrease in the mileage. 

To start comparing quotes, try logging on to an auto insurance aggregator Web site like, or, where visitors submit information about their car and driving history in exchange for quotes from different insurance companies. Take into consideration that many of the quotes will come via follow-up mails or calls from insurance agents. 

car insurance online

Before you submit any sensitive information through a Web site, look for a security policy to ensure that any communications is reasonably protected from third parties. Then, set your Web browser to notify you when you leave a secure connection.

Just because a company offers you a cheap quote doesn’t mean you should buy it immediately. Examine the terms of the agreement to make sure the company is doing legit business and that there are no hidden conditions. 

So, the key steps to buying car insurance online (similar for most online insurance companies):

Get an online quote.

It takes just a few minutes—and you’ll save % just for getting your quote online.

Review your coverage and deductibles.

After reviewing your quote, you can make changes to your coverage and deductible amounts.

Apply for insurance and create a user profile.

Once you are satisfied with your coverage and deductible amounts, click the “Buy Online” button.

Don’t forget to enter a valid email address (your user ID).

If you don’t already have an Online Insurance account, you’ll need to create a personal online profile. This gives you access to a secure area where you can keep your quotes, policies and billing information.

In addition to entering a valid email address, you will need to create a unique password (between 6 and 20 characters) and answer personal verification questions. 

Complete your purchase.

After creating your profile, you’ll probably need to give a few additional details about yourself and your vehicle(s). You’ll also have another chance to change your coverage.

After accepting our online bind terms and agreement, you can view your payment schedule and select a payment method (Visa or MasterCard usually). When you’re ready, click “Purchase Now” and you’re done!

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