How to get rid of a cough?

, How to get rid of a cough?

In productive cough, parents can help their children’s caught by regularly removing secret from the nose, washing their noses with saline, and taking care of a sufficient intake of fluids, especially if the child has a fever, and in while in the case of unproductive caught is useful inhalation of saline solution as this reduces irritation of mucous membranes.

When talking about the cough, it is important to know that this is not a disease but a symptom of respiratory diseases. Cough is a defense mechanism along which the body wants to exclude the foreign particles and other products of inflammation from respiratory system. Besides inflammation, cough can be caused by external stimulants such as, particles of dust, cigarette smoke, gases and extreme changes in temperature. It is to remember that caught itself should not be suppressed but facilitate.

Cough is a regular symptom of acute upper respiratory tract infections and acute inflammation of the pharynx, which are more often in infancy period because of draining of secretions from the nose or sinuses. It is not unusual for cough at that age to be causing vomiting and secretion of mucus or food. Children do not seem to know actually how to cough the secret until the preschool age child, and until that period, children seem to swallow the mucus, which causes them to vomit the mucus.

Two types of caught

There are 2 types of caught: productive and unproductive. Productive (wet) caught is usually followed by extraction mucus, and unproductive (dry) that has no extraction of mucus involved. Productive cough causes excessive production of mucus which accumulates in the bronchi and causes shortness of breath, and therefore the body tries to throw out the mucus via its natural protective mechanism- a cough.

In this type of cough it is necessary to initiate the mucus to move from the bronchi and to unblock the respiratory system. Parents can help children by regularly removing secretions from the nose, washing their children’s noses with saline, and taking care of a sufficient intake of fluids, especially if the child has a fever. During sleep it is important to raise the head of the child, to help him facilitate expectoration. The temperature of the room where the child resides should be between 18-20 degrees.

The unproductive (dry) cough is caused by irritation and dryness of mucous membranes of the throat. This is the main reason for the lack of cough secretions. The goal of dry caught treatment is to calm down the sensitivity of the mucosa. In this case are useful inhalation brines as they reduce irritation of mucous membranes and is recommended enhanced fluid intake.

One of the important aspects is regularly airing the room where the child resides, particularly in the winter and the heating season, and pay attention to the optimum moisture into any room humidifiers.

The move of secretions can be carried out physical therapy and postural drainage. Sometimes it is necessary to apply the medication that partly triggered secretion and help expectoration, but the decision on how-to apply the medicines and which medicines to use should be left to the doctor.

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