How to choose the cover for your Patio Umbrella

When You need to choose a cover for Your Patio Umbrella there are 2 main variables to consider :

Material of the canopy:

Regarding the material, the most important thing is when are You going to use the umbrella? If it is only for sun protection, a  good quality acrylic fabric is advised, or, in alternative, a micro aired PVC that allows the air to circulate, while protecting You from UV rays.BigFriend_Giant_Patio_Umbrella (31)

If You need the umbrella when it’s raining than the PVC materials are the most suited.

Gemelli_Double_Patio_Umbrella_Side_Post (7)

Many Patio Umbrellas producers use Polyester, which is a cheap substitute for acrylic fabrics. It’s main quality is its cost, but it does not offer a long term guarantee on UV stability, it is easy to tear and does not protect from UV rays completely.


Canopy type:


The canopies from most producers are mainly made with a single valve on top. 

Fiesole_Patio_Umbrella_Traditional (8)EdenGarden offers a patented anti-wind Split Solution system, with 7 vents, that allows greater wind resistance.

Colage_4_Canopies_Patio_Umbrella (31)A new tendency is a creation of Tenso Patio Umbrellas, such as Kite by EdenGarden. made with tensionated PVC material. Those umbrellas offer high wind resistance and 100% water protection.