How to clean jewelry

, How to clean jewelry

It’s not enough to own expensive jewelry from precious metals and precious stones, but that jewelry it should also be kept clean, as it deserves. In addition to aesthetics, regular cleaning will maintain its true value and importance.

For major repairs and cleaning of valuable jewelry, contact goldsmiths, but if it is only on the removal of accumulated dirt and restore shine, it definitely can do it very easily at home.

Here are some practical tips to clean your jewelry:


Mix ammonia in a ratio of 1: 4, and immerse jewelry for a few seconds, and thereafter immediately wipe with a clean cotton cloth. Remove eventual stubborn dirt with a soft toothbrush.


Silver or any other jewelry that has traces of oxidation can be cleaned with mixture of vinegar and soda. Mix one cup of vinegar with three tablespoons of baking soda, and let it soak for several hours. Then rinse the jewelry with water and dry.


Work the toothpaste fingers through the jewelry, wait 10 minutes, rub with a damp cotton cloth and by the end rinse under running water and dry them in the end. Toothpaste can clean the jewelry that is not made of precious metals.

Baking soda

To clean jewel, you can use simple soda dissolved in water. In a half-ounce of water, dissolve three tablespoons of baking and inside put the jewelry in a few hours. Then rinse and wipe dry cotton cloth. Another possibility is that instead of water, put soda in half-ounce of beer.

Detergent and water (gold jewelry)

In boiling water put detergent for laundry, and leave the jewelry immersed them an hour, then immerse it in cold water. Dry the jewelry, which should have its original splendor.


Alcohol can be used for cleaning jewelry, precious metals and precious stones, but also jewelry made of semiprecious stones. All you need is to immerse the jewelry in alcohol and wipe it well with clean cotton cloth, thereby removing those accumulated debris.

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