How to present negative news to your boss

, How to present negative news to your boss

There is hardly a company that is immune to bad news and losses. Dozens of awkward things happen every day, and when those problems accumulate, the business begins to feel problems. There is only one thing worse than bad news that the boss finds out the back, and this is the opportunity of informing of existing problems in time.

There are at least four important things that may be problematic in case you fail to inform the boss in time.

First, ignoring the bad indicators does never mean that the problem will disappear by themselves. Sooner or later, the problems will emerge to everyone and certainly the worst possible moment.

Second, if you react in time, most of the problems can be arranged.

Thirdly, the problems that we leave aside tend to grow over time.

And finally, if you do not inform the boss about the situation on time, someone above the boss will accuse the boss of the situation, and the lead will come back to you again.

Therefore, loose the idea that you should keep a secret or remorse that you will be considered to be a snitch if you tell some information that could be potentially dangerous. The assumption is that you are personally involved in the project or task you are directly interested to be made on time and in the best possible way.

How to react on a bad news?

For the beginning, stay peaceful and calm. If you react violently, colleagues will perceive you as a person of abrupt character, and that perception will certainly affect the quality of information you will receive. Once you receive that bad information, treat it as any relevant information by checking it in a journalistic manner: who, what, when, where and why? Once you are sure that you have all the information, make sure to check them again. Immediately take everything in your power to start with the reparation of damage. Only then it is time to report a problem boss. Even if you seem to be able to fix the problem, do report it, to prevent your boss hears it from someone else. If not, explain the steps you took and offer the rest of the solution of the problem.


Be prepared for the unpleasant conversation

In the case that the problem is beyond your power to solve, prepare yourself for an awkward conversation the best you can. The facts that you have learned bring out fully, without concealing or disguising. Patience will be useful characteristic in these cases where you have to be aware that your boss will probably have very abrupt reaction for the negative news. After you survive the first reaction, offer your vision of problems and how to deal with the inevitable figures that must be improved and present the amount of damage or the amount that can be saved.

At the end, be prepared for such cases, and make sure to present your boss some good news so you will not immediately be associated with problems. Such an approach will ensure your bosses respect one hand and the preservation of good relations with colleagues on the other, which allows normal operation in a friendly environment.


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