How to create a Gmail account

, How to create a Gmail account

Email has become prerogative in the modern world. I am sure that everyone you know has an e-mail. Google might be one the most famous brands in the world, and if you are using the internet, chances are that your main search tool is Google. I am positive that you are reading this article because you “googled” it.

There are many services that offer an e-mail. The most famous is certainly is Google’s Gmail.
In a few sentences I will briefly try to explain how to create your mail account on this popular service. To create a new email, go to Google and simply “google” phrase “Google Accounts”.

Fill in the necessary information, and in the third column, enter the name of your future mail, write whatever name you want to be in your future e-mail address and then click on the ‘check availability’ to check whether the desired name is already in use. If occupied, Google will suggest a number of variations on the name you want and choose one of the offered or combine names.

Once you have received confirmation that the name you entered enter the password and confirm it once again. In the ‘Feedback e-mail address’, you can enter an existing address if you have one, to verify the address, in case you forget the password you Google the other address other. If you do not have another address or do not wish to enter, leave this field empty.

And now you are officially a member of Gmail.