How to cure herpes

, How to cure herpes

Herpes is unpleasant phenomenon that we definitely want to get rid of as soon as possible. Herpes can occur up to three days after the first symptoms such as burning, itching and pain. Shortly after symptoms, that specific place of skin swells and turns red, and the accrual bubbles form. There are various ways on how to cure herpes, but the most popular are those natural.

Most common alternative method to cure the herpes is toothpaste. In addition to oral hygiene toothpaste can help with herpes.

Garlic is one of the allies in the treatment of herpes. Take fresh garlic and keep it in a place where the herpes is formed. After the expiry of the 5 minutes replace it with a fresh one.

Mitigation of occurrence of herpes is possible by using ice cubes. Take an ice cube and put it on the place where the herpes has formed. Try to keep it on herpes for few minutes, and the results will follow soon.

Individuals claim that lemon and honey can help, but their effect is not yet proven.

Perhaps it is best to use pharmaceutical solution and buy the appropriate cream that will cure herpes. In addition to the cream does not hurt to try the patches that prevent the spread and help the healing. In case of increased infection helps antibiotics prescribed by a general practitioner.

If you notice that you have herpes forming (usually on your lip), avoid kissing and make sure that no one except you uses the appliances that you have eaten with. This will avoid someone else getting infected with annoying herpes.

It is necessary to regularly wash hands and disinfect them if you are not sure whether you might come in outreach with the virus. It is known that herpes also can outbreak when the immunity weakens, and in order to prevent this, make sure to enter regularly healthy foods.

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