How to download file from uTorrent

If you want to download movie, music, software and so on, you can simply do this via torrent. Downloading torrent file consists of two parts: finding the torrent file on the torrent site and downloading the file via torrent program. Downloading file speed depends directly on the speed of your internet, the bigger the speed of the Internet- the faster the downloading process.

Before starting the downloading file process, try to choose the torrent with the highest possible amount “SE” and “LE”, as you will have somewhat faster downloads. Just to be safe, once you download the file, make sure to scan it with your anti-virus system.

Step 1:

Open your web browser and type in “uTorrent” in order to download the torrent program needed.

Step 2:

Enter the official site and next to the title “uTorrent stable” click “download” (this is a free version).

Step 3:

Once the downloading in finished, make sure to install the program.

Step 4:

Type The Pirate Bay in your browser on and go to that site.

Step 5:

Click on the “SE” to appear films with the most seeders.

Step 6:

Now we need to pay attention to the label “SE” and “LE”, you need to select movie with as many seeders, a smaller number of leechers.

Step 7:

Click on the desired torrent, and then to “Get this torrent” option, when you remove your search open it and open a dialog box.

Step 8:

Select uTorrent and click ok.

Step 9:

When uTorrent opens, click ok and downloading starts

Step 10:

When the download is complete you will see the notification “seeding” then click on the torrent and press “delete” to delete it because you no longer need it.

Step 11:

Download is now completed, and the file will be in the folder designated program, the most common the download folder.