What is intellectual property and how to protect it online?

Intellectual property is a very important segment of each company, primarily because they affect its competitive position in the market but also on its economic strength. Intellectual property implies legally protected innovations of a company, as well as the knowledge and experience that the company owns.

Protection of the copyright material is always hard task, especially if that material is available on the internet. Even though there are certain measures that can protect a copyright material, there are still the tech-savvy intellectual property thieves that can easily find the way to take your copyright material.

How is intellectual property defined?

The copyright is general, legal and technical terms which determine the creations of the human mind and certain symbols that represent the intangible goods. The term implies legally defined rights arising from intellectual activity in the fields of economy, science, literature. The result is innovative capabilities and research and development activities of individual or the company.

Intellectual property that is protected allows the owners the exclusive right to use the subject that is protected, the prohibition of exploitation by other persons as well as the transfer of property by way of contracts.

Intellectual property is a set of rights related to:

  • Literary, artistic and scientific works,
  • Interpretation of artists’ performers, phonograms, video grams, shows,
  • Inventions in all fields of human activity,
  • Scientific discoveries,
  • Industrial designs,
  • Factory, trade and service marks, and trade names, and trade names
  • Protection against unfair competition and all other rights relating to intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary and artistic fields.

Means of protecting the copyright

Displaying the copyright


Your intellectual property is copyrighted by the moment of its formation, and you do not have to register the content in order to prove it is yours. But the fact is that the display of the author of the intellectual property makes the whole aspect somewhat more official. Simply add a notice „Copyright © 2015 Owner“.


One of the safest ways to prevent the multiplying and stealing of your intellectual property is by watermarking it. A digital watermark works in a manner that it embeds data about the owner and usage rights of the certain intellectual property. As mentioned, there is hardly a 100% safe way to protect the intellectual property. With watermark, you do not prevent someone from taking your property, but you can more easily track the infringement issues. In each case, watermark might cover some of the parts of your property and thus make it somewhat less interesting for plagiarists to use.

Block Right-Click

Basic JavaScript editions can help you to protect your copyright. One of those scenarios is simple Block-Right-Click. These methods do not seem to prevent the true hackers, but for the regular users of the Internet how might not be so enhanced with the Internet tools, this will make the obstacle that they will not bother dealing with.


On the other hand, if you want your private intellectual property to be distributed under the certain conditions, „Creative Common“ license can be your solution. The Creative Commons is designed to display the name of the author of that intellectual property and states that the author has given the conditions under which the work can be used.