How to elongate your figure

, How to elongate your figure

Every woman, whether she is lower or higher, wants to have a beautiful, slender and elongated figure. Elongated figure is not only synonymous w
ith the model type of woman. By combining clothing and footwear, patterns and colors, and you can look elongated as well.



An important role is plays choosing the proper color. The colors are usually chosen by mood, and of course, we all have a favorite color that dominates most of the items in our closet. If you want to emphasize the lower part of the body, wear a short skirt or shorts and thus put your feet in the foreground. What is important is to combine color skirts or shorts with the color of your shoes. It is immaterial on which color works. Whether it’s a classic black or lighter shade of this kind of dress will elongate your legs.

high heels





Although some women avoid high heels, every woman has at least one pair of beautiful high heels. High heels are solution for all, especially for lower women. You will look 5-10 inches taller, and thus visually will be slimmed down. Heels will take off a few pounds. Depending on the season, wear shoes, sandals, boots or platforms. Select classic pumps high heels with a short skirt and pants, and full heels will fit long leg pants.




Whether you prefer vertical stripes or designs in darker and brighter colors, it is always a good idea to have as many fabrics with such samples. The lines on your shirt or pants, tunic or dress will visually elongate the figure. You can also dress and tights or stockings in such samples. Combine one sample, and other clothing items should be monochrome.



The design is very important in a harmonious layout of the whole body. Choose shirts with deep V neckline; emphasize waist belt, and skirts that they may be up to a little above the knee. Do not dress the skirts that are below the knees as this will reduce the length of the leg. Choose the pants that are long and have straight leggings. Jackets, blazers and sweaters should be longer, at least to the area of the hips.

elongate the figure

, How to elongate your figure
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, How to elongate your figure
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