How to fight flu in 24 hours

, How to fight flu in 24 hours

Flu has spreader everywhere, from kindergarten to workplaces, and there is hardly a person that is completely immune to it. Few can afford to lie in bed for days drinking tea, lemonade and other treatments.

Doctors say that they managed to develop a system of activities that can completely solve cold in just one day.

The steps are quite simple, and it begins with showering in the morning after waking up with pain in the bones, full nose and slight cough. A hot shower will help purify the airways, while steam and heat water will reduce the pain.
An hour after waking up and showering treat yourself with healthy breakfast – oatmeal with berries. A quality meal is necessary when you are sick, a glass of orange juice will give you lots of vitamin C, and berries other vitamins and antioxidants are there to fight the cold.

Nose and sinuses are one of the inconveniences that bring cold, so it is good in the morning to put the face of hot steam, which will once again cleanse and soothe the respiratory tract.
Around noon require a brisk walk in the fresh air, which will open your appetite before lunch, improve mood and boost your immunity. If you are not very cold, make a couple of short exercises.

After a work, treat yourself with light yet nutritious lunch. We advise you to eat a chicken and salad. Follow the lunch with hot herbal tea that will serve as a good extractor of the excessive mucus.
Prepare dinner earlier, about 18 hours, and be sure to insert a little curry in food. In addition, you should add some ginger, garlic and, if possible, pepperoni. These spices are known for their antibacterial and antiviral properties, and she will once again cleanse the sinuses.

Just before you go to sleep, treat yourself with a hot bath that can help regulating your body temperature and help to release the pain from the sore muscles, as well as cleaning your respiratory system.

We advise you early bedtime. Sleep is essential for the recovery of the body and restoring power, therefore charges your organisms batteries.

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