How to get a job

, How to get a job

One of the practical and useful tips you can use during the interview for a possible job is to make a counter-interview with the employer immediately while he’s asking questions. This could help you realize weather if the job is the right one for you and could make a positive impression on your employees.

1. “When I started to work tomorrow, what would be priority tasks to do at my workplace?”
The answer to this question, in addition to showing the current status and organization of the company and the position for which you compete, also shows your willingness to learn and the commencement of work on the best and most effective way possible. This question is making the employer and the response to imagine you as already employed person in the organization.

2. “What are the two most important personality characteristics of the person on this function in order to successfully carry out all the responsibilities?”
The answer to this question can be very revealing. The answer like “creativity” or “good intuition” means that you depend more on themselves and their abilities, while “patience” and “collaboration” implies working in a team. Not only will this question answer you, if you are willing to accept the position for which you compete, but will force employers to look up with your CV and is thinking about you as an individual and a real person.

3. “What changes and improvements you think will bring a new employee on his new position in the company?”
The answer to this question may shed light on the fact why and how your predecessor left the job, or that position in the company. Asking this question means showing employer willingness to want to be the best possible candidate for the job.

4. “I know that this company is particularly proud of the products / services of (mention the particular product or service), but if you can tell me which is the most important aspect of you company?”
This issue will certainly impress anyone. Shows preparation and conducted research the company before a job interview, but also provides insight into which aspects of the company’ are most important to the employer.

5. “Do you like working here?”
This question might slightly affect your future employers, but the answer to this question will tell you the most about the company. A good sign is confident smile and a firm “Yes” with an explanation of why this is so. What you may be concerned about is squirming in his chair, coughing, dragging the views or start with blunt answers and delays. 

6. “Is there something that made you think that I’m not the right person for this job?”
Asking this question may be a little upsetting, but it is also very useful. Not only will the employer after the issue lose any reservation or hesitation that he possibly had for you, it also shows that you like to receive constructive criticism, and a willingness to improve based on that same criticism. These are valuable qualities and characteristics of any candidate for the job.

, How to get a job
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, How to get a job
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