How to solve a problem of tight shoes

It is not a secret that women are infatuated by shoes.In the process of faling in love with shoes, women tend to underestimate the size of the shoes and choose do dissregart the fact that they do not fit them quite right.

Firm and stiff materials of new shoes and world famous women stubbornness, can lead to pain and tears.. Why should we suffer pain from new shoes, if we can do something to avoid it.

If you do not have the time and you need a quick solutioon, here are some tips that could come in handy.


Mix the solution of water and alcohol in ratio ½ of alcohol and ½ of water, spray it on the inside of the shoe and rub. Pr you can even try dipping thick socks into that solution and pulling on the sock and wearing the shoes for some 20-30 minutes before going out. In this period, you can finish all the details you have left with, as your make-up, your hair, nail polish…


This trick may sound unbelievable, but the potatoes will expand your tight shoes.Peal the the medium size potatoe and put it in the shoe. Leave it overnight and the shoe will stretch. Of course, the trow the potatoe the very next day.


This trick is only applied on  leather footwear. Heat the leather with hairdryer for about a minute, until the leather is tender and flexible. Then, put on your shoes on thick socks and take a walk through the house until the leather has cooled.

Freezer bags

Charge the Freezer bags with water and put it in a shoe, sandal, boot … Make sure you fill the bag with exact amount of water so that it fills a shoe. Than place the shoes with the water in the freezer bags inside the freezer for at least 24 hours. The water will turn to ice, the ice will make its magic, and you will get the shoes that fit.


Wet (but do not soak) the socks with water and drain them as much as possible. Put as many wet socks as possible in the shoe and leave them to dry. As the socks are drying, they will expand and strech the shoes.


Newspapers procedure is the same as the procedure with socks, but be carefull that the paper does not fall appart.Fill the shoes with as much wet newspaper as possible and allow it to dry.