How to get ready for New Year’s Eve?

New Years Eve is known as a wild night in which we all try to give our very best in order to look fabulous. In this article, we will give you advices that might come in handy when it comes to welcoming the New Year, as the beginning of something better.

Dress to impress

When it comes to dressing, women usually think between skirts or dresses on one side and pants on the other side. This winter season fashionistas recommend mainly midi and maxi lengths of skirts, so take that into consideration in New Year’s Eve. If you prefer short skirts make sure your choice is deeper skirt with wide cut. Fur, leather, lace, animal print and vibrant colors are absolute hits this winter. You can even combine the fur and leather that is very trendy this winter.  Younger girls can choose star sequins by Dolce & Gabbana just make sure not to overdo it and that too many star does not turn you into a Christmas tree. For those little more serious ladies, an elegant long dress is a “must-have”, and for men we would recommend suits especially in gold, which are an absolute hit. But remember once again, “less is more.” And with that, be careful not to overdo with the styles, colors and materials, but also pay attention to the fact that outfits befitting place where you will wait for the New Year.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

This year we are simply overwhelmed by all forms of platforms. Nevertheless, some world creators propose shoes without platforms, and do recommend little simpler and more modest and elegant models. Rounded, pointed, glitters, with thick or thin heels, in all colors, the choice is huge. It is essential that you combine style of the outfits and shoes. Colors may not be the same, you can choose shoes of other, somewhat more unique color in order to break the monotony, but make sure that the style match.


Once upon a time, braids were worn only by little girls, but now they are an absolute fashion hit for all occasions, in all ways. This is a very simple, neat yet very chic.  You can choose ordinary ones, or so-called fishbone or French braid. You can knit of the entire hair or only one beam, be imaginative. Do not hesitate not every hair has to be in its place, ideally furnished and straight.