How to get rid of garlic breath

, How to get rid of garlic breath

Certain traditional kitchens have gained their popularity with the help of garlic- one of the healthiest ingredients that are characterized by antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties.

Besides its great gastronomic influence, it has been proven that this ingredient benefits human health greatly. According to some of the recent studies, garlic reduces the risk breast, colon, stomach, and throat and skin cancer development. However, its striking and strong smell often leads us to not eat as much as you should.

We reveal the tricks on how to get rid of bad breath caused by garlic.


To relieve bad breath that occurs after eating garlic, hold a teaspoon of mustard in your mouth for about a minute before swallowing the mustard.


Drinks as lemonade, water and milk can be of great help in relieving the aroma of garlic. One of the studies has shown that drinking milk before or during consumption of garlic helps to reduce the odor.

Aromatic food

To solve the problem of bad breath after eating garlic, reach for refreshing herbs, such as parsley leaves fresh, mint or mint tea. Parsley is particularly effective in removing unpleasant odor of garlic, and that is why we advise you that after eating garlic, you should chew fresh parsley leaves. Very similar effects have spice seeds and herbs such as cardamom, fennel, cloves and anise seeds.


Tea, especially green or one of mint, contains polyphenols that reduce the sulfur compounds produced by garlic. Drink the tea during or after consumption of garlic.

Coffee beans

Chewing coffee beans or coarse ground coffee helps reduce bad breath made due to garlic.


Lemon is very effective in neutralizing the smell of garlic, because it contains antibacterial properties that kill bacteria. After eating garlic, try sucking a lemon. Also, washing your hands with lemon juice helps to remove unpleasant odor from the fingers.

Brush your teeth

The teeth do not have to be washed only in the morning and in the evening, but you can wash them every time after eating, especially if you ate garlic. In doing so, remember to scrub good the tongue, because on it precipitates the most odors.

Chewing gum

In addition to flavor, chewing gum certainly helps in refreshing breath, and also stimulates the release of larger amounts of saliva, which is the key to the refreshment of your breath. If you need refreshment of breath, immediately reach for cinnamon flavored gum.

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