How to go to cruise at the lowest price

, How to go to cruise at the lowest price

Cruising has always been believed to be perfect option for spending the holidays. There is hardly anything that can match with the image of you drinking your favorite drink at the deck while watching the sunset reflecting on vast water. If you manage to enjoy in that way at the lowest cost possible, we have some tips for you that can serve you and your wallet.

Early booking

Prices for reservations are higher the closer to the time of departure, except „the last minute“.  Early booking cruises means booking the cruise at least 120 days prior to departure.

If you book early, you have more possibilities to what you want at a lower price. Exceptionally, when the ship was not filled due to the departure approaching, you can cruise at a good price. The last minute reservations are still possible at the new large cruise ships. But these reservations are limited to a small number of people who would immediately be able to go on a journey, or those who could immediately book a cruise.


It may be the quickest and easiest way to compare prices of different cruises.


Be flexible with travel planning. Choosing an out of season cruise can save you a lot of money.


Ask for special discounts to which you are entitled. The persons that are entitled to discounts are:

  • Different businesses employees, pensioners, children and larger families.
  • Loyalty Club Members

Special discounts for returning guests

Shippers are offering special discounts for guests who have already cruised on ships of the same shipping company. Most Loyalty Clubs make extra cruise programs for those guests who are returning.

“Repositioning cruise”

As the cruises seasons change on different continents, the shipping company sometimes applied direction of each cruise, to maintain the attractiveness of a particular cruise, to maintain the attractiveness of the program and occupancy of the ship throughout the entire year. When the shipping company changes the travel program, for example, from the Caribbean to Alaska or in Europe, the journey to the starting port of the new program is called “repositioning cruise”

Since the shipping company wants to have a boat filled throughout the year and on these trips, the company offers very favorable discounts. This is different from the usual cruise and in fact very few people know for this. Although you may see an entirely new part of the world and spend less time in ports than during the usual tours, you will experience total relaxation and you’ll get the full corresponding offer, including the good food and events, per bit lower price.

Additional savings

You can opt for a four-day cruise during the week, instead of the three-day weekend. Since it is difficult for the working people to go on leave during the working days, the cruise on the working days is not as interesting so it is cheaper.

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