Looking good is not only meant for women. Men have increasingly started taking care of their appearance. One of the most emphasized parts of man’s body is definitely his chin. Not only does the chin form men’s entire appearance, but can also have a protective purpose of the external weather conditions. But taking care of the beard does take certain time and some little tricks, in order to avoid looking like cave man.

If you have just decided to grow a beard, first thing you have to do is know your face form, in order to choose the right form of your beard.

The square face shape:

David Beckham is one of the most famous people with this type of face, so you can look for inspiration in his look. Choose a bear that will softer the shape look and make the face optically rounder.

Rectangles face shape:

Tom Ford is the role model of this type of face. Copying his style does not require too much effort. Just remember that the beard should optically shorten your face and create the illusion of an oval face

Round face shape:

This type of face you can see with Kanye West. Men with a round face should avoid pronounced sideburns and beard must be reduced and carefully styled

Triangular face shape:

Men with this form of the face have a prominent chin. Your best choice of beard is the one in the style of Ryan Gosling. It is a little disheveled beard which is quite easy to maintain.

Diamond face shape

This face shape can soften the beard. Sideburns should be long, but poorly visible. Just follow Dane Cook beard style.

Once you have determined what face type you have, you can now start growing you beard.


Define the borders of your beard with a razor

You cannot just let the facial hair grow where they want. Growing the perfect beard requires equal attention as wet shaving. Start by determining the basic shape of your beard. Perfect beard should never hang over the upper lip. Use a wet razor to determine where the beard stops and the neck starts. To determine the shape of the beard, shave from the ear to the corner of mouth, following the natural line. Remember that sharp corners do not compliment any man.

Equip yourself with high quality tool

Do not waste time or money on cheap shaving tools. Invest in hair clipper with the extension that can help you determine the length of the beard so you could always shorten the grown hair to the proper length. Some modern appliances have the additional blade under special angle for more precise haircut.

Maintain your beard

Maintenance of the beautiful beard requires as much time and maintenance as does your hair. Regularly wash the beard with the same means by which you wash your face and, just as you have washed your hair with the same shampoo. Not only will your beard and skin maintain in good condition, but you will wash the dirt. Those who are growing the beards for the first time will notice that in the initial stage of growth, the beard tends to itch. To avoid this, use a facial moisturizing to ease itching and hydrate the skin under the chin. It is essential that the gel formula leaves no trace on your chin.