Things to have in mind while renting an apartment

, Things to have in mind while renting an apartment

We all pretty much want to live in an ideal apartment. While renting this apartment, we have to have in mind few crucial points that can help us. In order to get as close to this ideal, we have prepared a number of very important and useful tips to pay attention during the first tour of the apartment.

What to look in the apartment?

At first glance it may appear perfect apartment, but do not let that first enthusiasm fool you. It can have many hidden faults, especially if the price is low for what is being offered. During the visit to the apartment, do not hesitate to look in every corner of the apartment because, in the end, you will live in it.

No matter how strange this might sound, sniff the apartment to determine whether the apartment has moisture problem. If you notice moisture, this is not your ideal apartment and run away from it. Also, if you do not notice the moisture, it does not mean it is none there. It is possible that the owners served camouflage, and indications of the camouflage can be freshly painted apartment, especially if it is not a new apartment. However, moisture can be detected by numerous flies in the apartment, since they seem to love moisture, and of course, there is the inevitable the smell of the moisture.

Closely observe the areas around the windows and doors, to see whether they need change or repair. Try all the blinds and especially pay attention to the blinds that are lowered. Be sure to raise them and take a look through every window, so you do not surprised later if your find out that window looks at the yard waste disposal, a neighbor in the room, or the construction works.


When looking for housing, especially in major cities such the location of the apartment is very important for the workplace, faculty who attend, then the proximity and the organization of public transport, if you do not have a car, connection roads if you have a car, center or other place that you vital to you.

Also it would be a smart thing to do to come to the site and look around the environment. This would give you information about the safety of the neighborhood, you fill find out the proximity of parking lots, playground, school, shops, or whatever you need.


During the consultation with the owner or rental agencies about the apartment, feel free to ask about the utilities, if the utilities are not included in the price of the rental. Gather as much information about monthly costs of heating and the type of heating, water, electricity, gas, thermal energy charged and similar things. This will depend largely on the height of your total expenses. Also you will want to know if the apartment has cable TV, internet or whatever you might need.


Bathroom and toilet are one of the most important parts of the apartment. When visiting an apartment make sure to check the condition of toilets, and look closely to signs of fungus, rust, lime and other dirt. If the bathroom is in poor condition, take that as a red alert sign. If you notice a particular item in the bathroom that you don’t like, or think it needs changing, request it from the owner of the apartment.

Contracts and payment

After you have found your ideal apartment, you will probably want to sign a contract with the owner or the rental agency. Carefully read the contract before signing it.

You might have to pay a deposit in the amount of one, two, three monthly rent, and then you can rent an apartment for a certain time. Also the contracts often tend to have in written eventual provisions in the case of unforeseen circumstances and so on. If you notice any unusual things in the contract, feel free to tell what is bothering you and refuse to sign such conditions of contract.

Also, make sure the price stated in the contract is the one that you have agreed upon.

Verify the contract and you will be able to claim a refund, in the case there is a need for that.

, Things to have in mind while renting an apartment
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, Things to have in mind while renting an apartment
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