How to make a yarn pom pom

Winter time is here and must have item is a warm hat. Since we have to make it, why not make it a cute hat with a little pom pom on the top. Pom poms are must this winter and they are so easy to make.

All you really need is:
• A yarn
• Scissors
• Cardboard

Step 1:
Draw a circle on the cardboard. Actually, since you will have to use 2, draw 2 identical circles. You can use some item that has a round end and place it on the cardboard and simply copy that circle on the cardboard. In the middle of that circle, draw another circle, so you will get a donut shape disks. Cut out the disc and copy it, so you will get another identical disc. Cut out the second disc.

Step 2:
Cut the discs on one side so that the cut reaches to the middle of the disc. This is necessary because you will pull the yarn through this cut to the middle.

Step 3:
Take the end of the yarn and pull it through the cut all the way to the middle circle. Wrap the yarn as close to previous wrap as possible, for you will have a richer and fluffier pom pom. Just keep it wrapping as much as possible and let your yarn overlap.

Step 4:
Make sure you leave a part of the disc free so you can cut the yarn. So you want to create a little packman yarn figure.

Step 5:
Pull the scissors between the two cardboard discs and cut the yarn by following the circle. Once you have done that, cut out a piece of yarn and wrap it through the cardboard disc all the way to the centre of yarn. Pull it tight, for this piece will hold the pom pom.

Step 6:
Pull out the cardboard discs. You can simply cut the cardboard but carefully so you do not cut the yarn.

Step 7:
You will eventually need so shape your pom pom into a perfect yarn. Feel free to cut out the sticking parts. And there you have your own cute, fluffy winter accessory.