How to cook perfect rice

Rice is very healthy and very common in all kitchens, but regardless of that, you rice does not seem to look like the rice you see in commercials. Instead of that you keep having squashy rice. Since we eat first with our eyes, you would surely rather have white, grainy and perfect rice as an addition to your meal. Here is a simple tutorial that will make you feel like a true professional and you will have a healthy meal that looks great.

When cooking rice, the unwritten rule is that on one cup (approximately 250 milliliters) of rice goes two cups of water. Basically you will need the double measure of water on one measure of rice.

Once you have measured the amount of rice you need, make sure to wash is thoroughly, to make all impurities disappear.

The first step to make the perfect rice is frying the washed rice in oil . Heat the oil and add the rice and fry until you get a yellowish color.

After that, pour water and add salt .As soon as the rice starts boiling, cover it with the pot and reduce the heat.

Cook the rice for about 25 minutes until the rice is very soft. The oil will prevent the grains bonding, if desired, into the water for cooking; you can put a few drops of lemon into rice. This will make it slightly aromatic.