How to make adorable Minions on your nails

, How to make adorable Minions on your nails

If you are one who simply cannot resist those adorable yellow Minions from popular cartoon “Despicable Me”, you will definitely like this tutorial.

The sun has arrived, everything is allowed and do not make me hesitate to decorate your nails with cute Minions that cannot seem to stop amusing us.

The materials you will need:

  • Base coat
  • Top Coat
  • Nail polishes in colors (blue, yellow, black, white and gray)
  • Pencil brushes for manicure

Step 1:

Apply the base coat first, and then a few nail brushes apply the yellow nail polish.

Step 2:

Leave to dry and make a “French manicure” with blue nail polish.

Step 3:

With the help of brushes for manicure, make two small lines near the root of the nail with black polish on both sides of the nail. Those lines are to become the goggles, therefore make sure that the lines do not touch each other.

Step 4:

Between those goggle lines, form a little circle using gray nail polish.

Step 5:

Once the gray nail polish has dried, form another circle within the gray circle. This time use white nail polish. When the white circle dries, add a drop of black nail polish.

Step 6:

At the very end, you only need to draw the minion’s mouth using a black nail polish.

Once you have drawn a little yellow creature on your nail, make sure to cover the nails with plain base coat, and you can enjoy having your favorite cartoon character on your nails.

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